When investors or residents are looking to purchase a property, it is important to consider the location. The most important component of a decision-making process is also the location. It is convenient and safe for everyday necessities. Buyers must make sure that the property is easy to access from all major roads before they buy it. The Valley project is in a prime location near Islamabad. Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley is near the Chakri Interchange on the M-2. This plan is a major development in Islamabad. All three cities are close by, including Mumtaz City, Blue World City and Capital Smart City. It is located approximately 5km from Rawalpindi Ring Road. It is also connected to Bahria Town and DHA as well as the New International Airport. Access to the housing complex can be made from Rawalpindi Cadet Collegiate and Thalian Interchange.
Below is a map that shows the location in great detail.


Several sites and landmarks surround Rawalpindi’s Kingdom Valley:
• M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway
• International Islamabad Airport
• Qurtaba City
• Islamabad
• Rawalpindi


The Kingdom Valley Islamabad is accessible by:
• Close to the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway
• Nearby Rawat-Chakbeli Road
• 25 minutes drive from Adiala Road
• Nearly 5 minutes from Chakri Road

Pros and Cons


A Luxurious Lifestyle

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad residents enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. They want you to feel relaxed after a hard day. It benefits both investors and residents.

Proximity to Key Regions

The valley’s proximity to Rawalpindi or Islamabad is one of its greatest advantages. Nearby are hospitals, shopping malls, schools, and New Islamabad International Airport. Residents have a great opportunity.

Constant Supply of Necessary Services

The uninterrupted supply of essentials like water, gas, and electricity is another major advantage of the housing scheme in Islamabad. The residents have access to utilities such as gas and electricity seven days a week, 24 hours.

Easy Payment Plan

This housing project offers a simple payment plan for those who want to purchase a plot. The payment plan is not available to small or modest investors due to its low prices. People can pay 8 bi-annually and 40 monthly installments for the project over 4 years.

A Well-Planned Map

Expert project planners created the Kingdom Valley Islamabad architecture. You will find bicycles and other travelers separated from the main streets on these wide streets. It is also incredible how beautiful the central, lush green gardens, monuments, and hospitals will look.

Expansion Scope

Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi covers an area of 15000 Kanal. Therefore, expansion is possible. This development opens up opportunities for acquisition and business. Investors set goals and targets in the area. You should follow their lead to remain competitive.

Correct Sewerage and Waste Disposal

The housing society has well-planned waste disposal and sewerage system. This system is beneficial to the community as it eliminates future disposal problems.


Long Past Due to Date
Experts predict that infrastructure development will take longer. Because it is a new housing project, complexity and creativity are seen as easier to achieve.

Prices Seen as Increasing

People believe that property prices have risen because of the housing program. The project provides residents and small investors with an affordable and flexible payment plan.

Why should I invest in Kingdom Valley?

Because of the administration’s luxurious and modern amenities, it is a popular trend to live in Pakistani residential properties. The housing program offers equal opportunities to all income levels. These are the reasons to invest in this society.

A+ Location

Location is the most important factor in determining a property’s value. Prime real estate is located around the main Chakri-Thalian interchanges. Although it is far from the bustle, it is connected to Islamabad or Rawalpindi by the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The hotel is located close to the International Airport. This housing scheme is worth considering because of its executive location.

It is also near the CPEC route and highway as well as the international airport. These features all add value to the project. The housing society is an investment opportunity for families looking to build homes.

Low Costs

The affordable housing costs contribute greatly to the increased activity. Investors who are early in the process recognize the potential benefits of rising property values. This is a great investment for low-income homeowners. There are many basic plot sizes available and flexible payment plans. The plot sizes vary from 5 to 8 Kanal. This allows you to choose the best structure for your needs. This housing scheme is easy to invest in.

Enjoy a tranquil setting

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers a clean, natural environment. The project’s stunning views offer a unique opportunity to live in a peaceful and stress-free environment.

Invest safely

A Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi investment is safe. It is also a housing society that participates in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program. It receives government assistance which reduces legal issues and increases official assistance.


The Kingdom Valley Islamabad location is great because it is near many landmarks in Pakistan’s capital. It is also an excellent investment opportunity. It is home to the Naya Pakistan Housing Program, which makes it an excellent choice for investment and residence. Islamabad’s housing society offers the best amenities and facilities to live a happy and peaceful life. The housing society is a luxurious residential development with high-quality amenities and luxury facilities. Residents will have no problems living there.

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